Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chemical Analysis-Soil & Water Samples BP Oil Spill Study-Gulf Coast Areas

This sent to me by Michelle Nix with Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteers:
Corexit is terrible...It contains SARA Title II Hazardous Materials that will kill marine life at 2 p.p.m.  A guy with a pond 2/3 miles inland showed 12.5 times this number....(of 2-butoxyethanol..) in pond water.  from aerial spraying, re-distribution by wind, water spouts, who knows how else.  BP is not concerned.  They would not call this guy back.  He is meeting at my office at three tomorrow with laywers.  It's gonna be ugly.
I am continuing my research on the best way to test for Corexit.  2-butoxy ethanol or propylene glycol or both?  Arsenic also seems to be present in other instances.   We also  have solubility issues. It's being diluted in a large gulf area.  In the form it was and is being applied it becomes dissolved rapidly going straight into the water column trapping oil and water and creating an emulsion that is also depriving oxygen content of nearby water so fish will go elsewhere till they find breathable water or they die.  Its a matter of time and weather.  A big hurricane will make a big mess of the Gulf and our shores that will take a long time to remediate. 
You are correct in assuming that I'm getting inundated with samples.  I have an awesome staff of concerned employees.  I am very concerned.  I am
am also tire of BP's lack of due digilence on the shores of every state.  They should have tests in dependently performed and independently reported as public knowledge.  We have a right to the information.  We will need to know what's going on for years.  I don't even think BP's concerned about what people that live and vacation here have a constitutional right to know.  We are a governed OF, FOR, and most importantly BY the people.  Our government works for us.  It's that whole Democracy thing that we kicked their (the British) ass a couple of hundred years ago about..... Also they need to satisfy us...the people in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama.....Our states represent a lot of really pissed off people.  AND  we play college football better than anyone....hence all those National Champions...including the current one...BAMA.  So if they want to take on a bunch of pansies go to France or Canada. 
 I have my very first boat of my life in my back yard with a cover on it and a letter from Yamaha that says put your motors on water with oil  and your 6 year warranty is history.  I'm Southern born and I am consistent.  I'm driving my fourth Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4, White.   Been married to same chick this October for 30 years.  Got daughters X3 and 1 Grandaughter that's 2..(Mary Evelyn)..... her Bob-Bob won't let her get near the sand/surf/water at the beach...I also have a Son-in Law that I love like a son....it's his boat too.  We love to fish...offshore.  I'm afaid we may be done for a long time.   i will be conducting testing on my own.  last week I caught 18 crabs (Dauphin Island West End) and started tests.  I am inspecting for oil before and after cooking.  So far they look OK.
But things are continuing to change.  More oil is coming ashore at Orange Beach and Gulf Shores and likely every where else too.  Now is the time to be ready to react and BP has sent nearly all workers home.  We need to make serious decisions quickly to prevent our shores from being ruined.  BP needs to address the emulsified oil that may be lurking in the Desoto Canyon...2-miles deep...If they find it there they need to have that big ship...A WHALE sit on the surface and suck it up with pumps into their oil/water separators and into tankers...then treat and recycle the oil and sell it.  They won't even acknowledge or address this issue.


Consulting Chemists, Scientists, & Engineers

August 11, 2010

Report To:     Mr. James Fox
                    Post Office Box 829
                    Bolinas, CA  94924

Report Of:     Chemical Analysis-Soil & Water Samples
                         BP Oil Spill Study-Gulf Coast Areas
Job #:            10-MISC-0805

Attention:      Mr. James Fox                                      jamescfox@gmail.com

Analytical Chemical Laboratory has completed the analysis of soil and water samples taken from Gulf Coast areas as listed below.  The samples were analyzed for specific parameters, as directed and the following is reported:

Sampled:   08/02-04/10 by J. Fox
Analyzed: 08/06-11/10 by M. Betbeze
Reviewed: 08/11/10 by R. Naman

SAMPLE                                                                                                                  IDENTIFICATION                     PARAMETERS               RESULTS   
ACT ID# 10-MISC-0805-1                Total Petroleum                     
Orange Beach Surf Water                    Hydrocarbons                           8 p.p.m.
08/04/10 2000 J. Fox   

IDENTIFICATION                     PARAMETERS               RESULTS
ACT ID# 10-MISC-0805-2                Benzene                                       <0.05 p.p.m.
Orange Beach Tarball                          Toluene                                    0.18 p.p.m.
08/04/10 2000 J. Fox                             Ethylbenzene                               <0.05 p.p.m.
                                                Xylenes, Total                                   <0.05 p.p.m.

< = Less Than
p.p.m. = parts per million = milligrams per Liter

SAMPLE                                                                                                                  IDENTIFICATION                     PARAMETERS               RESULTS   
ACT ID# 10-MISC-0805-3                                   
Bell Pass, LA Water                                Propylene Glycol                     <20 Milligrams per Liter
100 yd offshore                                       marker for  
08/04/10 1500 J. Fox                             @Corexit  
SAMPLE                                                                                                                  IDENTIFICATION                     PARAMETERS               RESULTS   
ACT ID# 10-MISC-0805-4                                   
Barataria Bay                               Propylene Glycol                     <20 Milligrams per Liter
¼ miles  Offshore                                       marker for  
08/02/10 1530 J. Fox                             @Corexit                                

SAMPLE                                                                                                                  IDENTIFICATION                     PARAMETERS               RESULTS   
ACT ID# 10-MISC-0805-5                Total Petroleum                    
Sand/Water @Grand Isle, LA                Hydrocarbons                       97,087 p.p.m.
08/02/10 1600 J. Fox                                                                             

METHODS:    EPA 8021-BTEX, EPA 418.1-IR

We appreciate this opportunity to be of service.  If there are any questions, please feel free to call.

                                                Very truly yours,

                                      ANALYTICAL CHEMICAL TESTING LABORATORY, INC.
                                                Robert M. Naman, President
                                                Analytical Chemist
                                                              E-Mail:  robertnaman@aol.com
                                                            Fellow, American Institute
                                                 of Chemists, Reg. 15488

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