Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
Dean Blanchard, Karen Hopkins & Stephen Baldwin

Friday, August 20, 2010

The New Gulf Coast Claims Facility Claims Form

WHAT FEINBERG WANTS TO KNOW. FUCK HIM. THIS IS WHAT I WANT HIM TO KNOW! What I need for this man to understand is that I have suffered immensely with my mental health because of this. I have my psychiatrist working on a statement right now. He also needs to know that I live 100 yards from the water and actually work... in an office ON the water. Also, he needs to know because Dean owns my house that, since May 4th, I've been working for Dean for no money so that I can keep my housing. My daughter is an out of work deck hand on a snapper boat because of this and she and my grandson live WITH ME. My boyfriend is an out of work fisherman who is now working for the VOO program. Whenever I have friends over who are activists, reporters, photographers, etc. he feels compelled to hide from them. This has caused a serious rift in our relationship. Because of this, it has also caused a serious rift in my relationship with Dean who was my best friend. It has taken away the ONLY REASON I EVER MOVED HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE: My love of fishing and my love of being on the water. My entire outlook and motivation for staying here in Grand Isle and at this job is destroyed. I no longer have confidence in buying and selling Gulf Seafood and refuse to eat it myself. This crime has become the center of my universe and I spend all day every day fighting against it. I don't feel it's safe to even live here anymore. I need to go to the Dr. because I've been ill for a while and can't afford it because my BP check is down to $1,860.00 per month. I understand that if I accept a final settlement that I can't sue BP, Transocean, or any of the other criminals involved. That's not a choice. That's an ultimatum. What Feinberg needs to know is for those of us who have been walked over, trashed, negated, ignored, ruined financially and emotionally, this will NEVER be over! He expects to write a check according to what HE believes we deserve from those questions on that form he expects us to fill out. Fuck him. I'm so angry and devastated by this crime that I would love nothing more than to slap his face right now. Follow this link to see what he wants to know: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/national/20100820-gulf-claim-form.pdf

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