Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
Dean Blanchard, Karen Hopkins & Stephen Baldwin

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I removed the name of my friend pending his approval of it's use. Karen FRIEND: On 9/5/10 5000lbs of fin fish harvested from the gulf of mexico were dumped at St. Andrews Marina.13 hours ago · Karen Mayer Hopkins By dumped, Win, what do you mean? Contaminated? Where is this marina?13 hours ago FRIEND: Karen it is my understanding that the fish in question were said to be harvested from closed waters. But were only told to be dumped after testing. All comercial F/V have sat traking systems here that monitor were all fish are harvested from. No captain would go into a closed area and fish period.My father-in-law witnessed this and I stand by him. the answers are shady at this point but I will delve deeper13 hours ago · FRIEND: To clarify the designation of contamination here in bay county FL can mean that fish are harvested in unoppened waters. Fish can be called contaminated by being spoiled by improper handling by contact with media on the boat. My father-in-law was told by the security guard at the marina( a good friend)that the 5000lbs of fish were ordered to be dumped do to contamination.As I get the info on this I will contact you asap. My fnlaw does refer and a/c work on the boats and homes here. He was there when the fish were ordered desposed of. All we know now is that 5000lbs of finfish we ordered dumped off the boat for being contaminated. Now I've worked on some bad boats but never have I heard of an entire catch being lost like this. Hey Karen glad to here ya'll are hangin in there. I thought you should know that 2 months ago my girlfriend was diagnosed with shingles. Bad hu, well they (her doctors office) called back last week and said she needed to coem in for more bloodwork that the CDC sent them a notice to do this. She got the results that say ...she has abnormal Benzine like compounds and a whole bunch of other chems that now point towards chemical toxicity not shingles. Hang in there we are!

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