Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
Dean Blanchard, Karen Hopkins & Stephen Baldwin

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's important to know and convey out there is this is a dedication to helping people survive and detoxify with the best means possible.

Hi Karen, I've been working solid on the ebook & website info and finally ready to get it going. Must have been 200 hours on this, almost no sleep for weeks! :) The facebook message to that little group of folks last week was great, so now it's really time to let people know about it. Also to get Marta's info out there as well. It would be best to send two different messages, one on hers, one on mine to pass along. We refer to each other to connect everyone to both. Together it's a pretty complete strategy. What's important to know and convey out there is this is a dedication to helping people survive and detoxify with the best means possible...which is through getting the education/awareness piece WITH the tools needed (remedies) into people's hands. It's a simple protocol, while being effective, thorough and safe -for people who have taken a beating. Also being economical is a Godsend for all those in financial distress. Just to be aware and so others you know do not get confused, other items out there may be helpful but are limited in ability so should not be one's main program. The ebook explains what out of those types of things are best to do as a compliment to the main healing with homeopathy. There are homeopathic combo remedies with unproven/not legit remedies also. As you know, anyone trying to help is going to be under scrutiny, so I make it clear this is not medical advice, but self care. By being an ebook with a free kit makes it an educational & accessibility effort -not 'treatment'. I want to be of service and have no problems to affect the work that has to be done. The fact that homeopathy stimulates self-healing (fortunately so effectively) and remedies do not have any chemical constituents (like herbs, supplements & drugs do) it cannot interfere with current prescriptions or add to the already overloaded body. When healthy again of course a person no longer needs medications. When using a lot of supplements, it actually adds to the toxicity & stress burden to process them because most of them do not absorb. I only recommend certain superfoods that can absorb completely into the body and help it detox even more. The webpage for ebook with free remedies - http://newdimensionhealth.com/Detox.htm#Clearing_Oil 'Clearing Oil' section. Attached is a short summary of Marta Williams & my duel efforts. We appreciate if you can get it out big now - People need to heal. When they detox/heal they also get the strength, ability, clearer mind to figure out long-term solutions for their lives. And Marta's info is great in order to act on other areas of the situation. My piece includes that oil is getting spilled everywhere, and help for that with this method is universal. But of course the Gulf is the main focus right now. Please let me know what you can do to get the word out :) If there is a shorter piece that I can write for both of ours (Marta is still away but home next week). I'd happily write up messages the size of Facebook updates. Look forward to making a difference. Take care,Liz  Solutions for oil effects Fixing It An (Evolving) Activist’s Guide to Healing/Detoxing the body and mind Remediating Oil and Toxins on Land and Water Dealing with Toxic Rain Fixing a Broken Government Content This guide gives information on the serious threat to human health that now exists in the Gulf region and provides links for information and assistance in dealing with this crisis. It also gives activists information on how to (1) bioremediate areas contaminated with toxics and oil, using mushroom spawn and spent oyster mushroom compost, and (2) protect food gardens from toxic, acidic rain. The guide provides ideas for cleaning up the contaminated open ocean water and the sea floor, and for fixing the dysfunctional government system that created this nightmare. www.martawilliams.com (center-page) Marta Williams Clearing Oil from body and mind First Priority - restoring your health. An essential guide with remedy kit to detox and heal physical, mental & emotional damage (for people & animals). http://newdimensionhealth.com/Detox.htm#Clearing_Oil Elizabeth Brandegee

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