Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
Dean Blanchard, Karen Hopkins & Stephen Baldwin

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love these two people. They are fighting for our lives. Look up John Hutchinson. Google him. He's one of the most brilliant minds of our time! May 07, 2011 If you are tired of getting "these kind of messages" Tell me to SHUT UP If you are a private Citizen, I will then remove you from my email list. The "United States government" wants you dead. You are a slave. You have no rights. The "agencies" that are supposed to warn us of hazards REFUSE to do so. No EPA or FDA inspections of radiation poisoning from Japan. No valid testing of air, water and seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. The people living in the South tried to tell us. They thought the Constitution was real. In the mid-1900s they asserted "states rights". They walked out of Congress. The resulting "War of Northern Aggression", what we think was the "Civil War to free the slaves" was the clear message to the entire world that "rights secured by the People in the constitution" was a farce. Punishment against the People of the South continues. Carpetbaggers from the North profited, and even killed people not willing to sell their lands. The South was not allowed an interstate highway until 1964. Pollution became rampant as the South became the toxic landfill for the North and the Gulf of Mexico became the North's toilet. Yet most of the people along the Gulf survived, and did so very independently, even through multiple hurricanes. Until the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. Remember our government saying "the oil is gone in the Gulf of Mexico"? The air, water and food is safe (even though they did not properly test ANYTHING)? They lied. I know people that are dying, and that have died from the Corexit poisoning. John and I were both hit with Corexit poisoning. Corexit...the toxic dispersant used to "make the oil sink, to disappear from sight". "Our" government now refuses to test the air, water and food for contamination from the Japan nuclear blowout. A "nuclear event" that is thousands of times worse than Chernobyl. And guess what? You cannot see, smell, taste or feel RADIATION POISONING Now here's the poetic justice: The safest place to be in the Northern Hemisphere to avoid the radiation fallout from Japan is the Gulf of Mexico. The winds blowing off the Gulf keep the radiation off the Gulf coast. John Hutchison and I tried to tell you. We warned that the people of this country needed to defend their brothers and sisters in the Gulf of Mexico. And now massive amounts of radiation are HITTING YOU. How do I know this? We have a geiger counter, have been doing our own radiation testing. The radiation in Florida is MUCH lower than in the Midwest. So now you get to choose. Stay home and get radiation poisoning, or move to the Gulf and get Corexit poisoning. People in the Gulf of Mexico were violently attacked and poisoned. "My countrymen" did not defend them, did not run to the shores to help them, did not shout the message through the internet of the poisoning listened to the LIES of the government and BP were "too busy" to do "anything". Now the rest of the country is under attack. NUCLEAR POISONING You can choose to listen to the lies. After all, you cannot see, taste, smell or feel the poisoning. John and I are attempting to use the same technology that restored the Gulf waters where we used the frequencies, to bring the radioactive particles "back down to normal"...(not radioactive). John Hutchison and I DECLARE PEACE RESTORATION AGREEMENT with the PATTERN and SYSTEM of the Universe we refuse to participate in any violence We have heard from many people that want to help. Why do they want to help? Because THEIR asses are now in danger. Many of these people were fully aware of the Genocide in the Gulf. I had an hour+ long phone conversation with the host of an "international radio show". Someone who works with people setting up "sustainable communities"... groups that have "survival plans". The radio host also talked about "building and selling for profit" the frequency equipment. Frankly, the words out of my mouth in response were quite fierce. Those people setting up "survival communities" did nothing to help the people dying in the Gulf. I told the radio host the technology that John and I implement will NEVER be used for profit. The schematics of the equipment have been posted on the internet...for FREE. http://s1189.photobucket.com/albums/z428/Nancy_Lazaryan/Hutchison%20Schematic/ If people want to gather together the equipment, they have the plan. We also suggested, two months ago, that the equipment can be built in a "virtual lab"..within a computer, but there would need to be people with expertise to step up to the plate and actually create the virtual lab. No one has done so. Even if people put together the actual lab equipment (or a virtual lab) they will need the tones (the frequencies) to run through the equipment. Some of those tones have been posted on the internet, and they can download them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-ubCyxDRXo This is what we have "put out in the public domain". And we will do NOTHING MORE to assist "my fellow countrymen" until and unless people GET THEIR ASSES DOWN TO THE GULF and help those people that are dying. Nancy Lazaryan and John Hutchison

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