Rally for the Truth

Rally for the Truth
Dean Blanchard, Karen Hopkins & Stephen Baldwin

Monday, February 13, 2012

Transocean Asks Judge to Force BP Manager to Testify in Trial

As the time of reckoning draws near, we watch. Hopeful. We await, positive that we will see Cannibalism raise it's ugly head in the form of infighting, finger pointing and backstabbing between the corporations. They seem to be at war according to the corporate media, who grab at the propaganda dollars of these mammoths. In reality, my world, there is no Cannibalism among corporations. Cannibalism requires flesh. The Capitalism of Corporate Personage requires only currency or a marketable commodity. The mammoths are working as one via their teams of intrepid insect-like attorneys during what is destined to be the largest charade since Lady Justice took up residency in America. Just as surely as they have worked together in the past to ignore the warnings, conceal and deny the crimes, they will walk away from the courtroom victorious; perhaps a few pounds lighter from the shedding of cash due to numerous meetings held behind closed doors along the Gulf Coast states, while claiming, "the pursuit of justice", but victorious nonetheless. And the small people will bow their heads in defeat, as they have done for centuries and are destined to do forever...........the glimmer of hope for justice dead in their hearts, their pockets empty for all of eternity.
Karen Mayer Hopkins

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